Different Corrugated Boxes For Packaging and Printing

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Packaging & printing are an art and an industry. It is very important to know the right way of packing your products. It is said, “Commerce is a form of war”. Packaging and printing are inevitable components of any business. It adds to the overall value of your product.

Today’s modernized world is a big change from the traditional way of packing and printing used a few years ago. Back then, only the big companies had the budget for such an elaborate packaging and printing solutions. However, with the revolution in the world economy, these days, even small and medium scale businesses can afford it. Many small and mid-scale businesses have started using packaging & printing services to market their products internationally. Therefore, it has become essential for all manufacturers & marketers to understand the importance of packaging solutions.

Packaging & printing can be divided into many categories, including, corrugated board packaging, poly postal packaging and plastic packaging. All these categories are used for different purposes. Corrugated board packaging is used for corrugated boards. It can also be used for flexible corrugated boards, flat-packed boxes, and also for thick corrugated boards. On the other hand, poly postal packaging is used for cartons, padded envelopes, poly sheets and many more things.

Apart, from using corrugated boards for packaging, manufacturers also use corrugated boxes and bubble envelopes for this purpose. For this purpose, they create a plastic sleeve, which is then inserted into the box or bubble envelopes. Another very popular packaging & printing solution is to use the double sided tape for printing the lids of the products. The main advantage of this is that it provides additional printing surface on both the sides, which helps in creating a stunning exterior look for your product.

For packaging the product, manufacturers generally take the help of corrugated board manufacturer for this purpose. The cardboard that is used for this purpose is especially manufactured with high gloss finish, so that the cardboard appears much like the picture that is presented during the advertisement. The plastic coating on the box or bubble envelopes helps to keep the water away from the corrugated board, and thus keeping the material cooler. This helps in maintaining the perfect temperature inside the box, so that the packing material does not get damaged easily, even during heavy rains.

With the help of this high gloss plastic film, the manufacturer can create a large variety of corrugated cardboard packages, along with high gloss premium labels and high gloss ribbons. Another major advantage of using corrugated packaging is that you can find a large variety of unique designs, which would help you to attract your customer, and make them feel special. With the increasing competition in this field, manufacturers are trying out different techniques for increasing the competitiveness in this field.

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