Features of Perfect Packaging and Printing

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A new trend in the global supply chain of all sorts of packaging and printing services has emerged – the use of corrugated boards. Corrugated boards are flat boards made of corrugated fiberglass and are manufactured for easy packaging and printing purposes. Their unique features and numerous applications make them ideal for a variety of packaging and printing needs across industries ranging from healthcare to finance. Let us know more about these exciting packaging and printing solutions.

Corrugated boards are ideal for packaging & printing applications in healthcare because they are highly durable, impact resistant, slip resistant and safe for transporting or storage. They come in wide range of colors depending on the manufacturer’s specifications and can be printed on with inkjet printers on standard paper sizes. Depending on the final destination of the package, printed corrugated boards can be laminated or coated with vinyl for extra durability or coated with UV coating for easy maintenance and portability. The best thing is that they can be purchased online from various distributors at affordable prices.

Another unique advantage of corrugated boards is their versatility, which is widely used across different applications. You can use this in medical applications like diagnostic devices, medical kits, drug bottles and even surgical supplies and devices. With printed corrugated boards, you can also pack soft and hard media and in the bargain you can print the unique brand identity without any hassles. This is done by using special coating coatings that are water based and can withstand harsh environment.

Further, the versatile nature of corrugated board makes it easy for multiple applications at the same time. This is particularly useful for packaging as well as printing and marketing purposes. For packaging purposes you can use it as a flexible box which is capable of holding varied types of media and can be customized as per the need. In the printing process the unique brand identity of your product or company can be printed on the box. You can use this in the form of printed labels that can be fixed on the flat surface of the box.

Further, corrugated cardboard is capable of printing high gloss UV coating. This gives them an extra layer of protection against ultraviolet rays that are harmful to both paper and packaging material. You can also use it in the form of high gloss clear film labels and can create custom look packaging for your products. You can also make use of high gloss UV laminated film for laminate packaging.

All these features make corrugated boxes a popular choice among the business sectors. However, there are certain important aspects that have to be taken care of while you use this packaging material for your products. For one, you should not add sharp edges to corrugated material for you to avoid damage to the box. Secondly, you should apply clear coating coatings at the right time of the printing process. This will help the boxes in lasting for longer period as it helps in protecting the corrugated edges from UV radiations. Last but not the least, always make sure that you have used high quality ink for printing on the corrugated sheet for better results.

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